There is always Hope – Intentional Day 57

Banksy – There is always Hope  Screen-Shot-2016-01-08-at-09.17.13

There is always hope!   In all the darkness, the tragedy, the nonsensical tearing apart of our society, the buckets of tears, THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!

As a mom, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and as a member of this society, The United States of America, I want to ask, #NeverAgain

We must find a way to agree on how to enforce the laws we have on the books, encourage open dialogue on ways in which to curb or stop the availability of large capacity magazines, and high powered weapons of war and the ability to adapt guns so that they become weapons of mass destruction.

I am not asking that we repeal the 2nd Amendment. I’m all for the ability own and posses guns if done legally and responsibly, which most are.  I would like to see the age of being able to purchase any gun raised to 21, with thorough background checks and a waiting period.

I am also all for the right of innocent children to go to school and not be scared of what might happen.  I am also for the right of adults to gather at a concert without the fear of being massacred.

We as a society need to find a way to come together to build each other up, instead of tearing each other down.  We as a society need to stand with the students from #Parkland and others from across the country.  They are our future and they’ve had enough of being scared.  I can only hope and will do my part to stand strong with those students and others that support them, as they pave the way to hopefully a better future.  We need to listen to them, guide them and ensure that they are heard.  I know in my heart and soul that we all can agree #NeverAgain #EnoughisEnough

Most of you know I’m an educator.  I started off as a High School Math teacher in 1999.  I stayed in the classroom until 2013 or so, and left due to the inability to function correctly after I was assaulted by a student.  As I’ve said before, the assault was bad enough, but the response from those in charge, was reprehensible.  For awhile, I had lost hope, hope of ever being able to have a ‘real job’, hope of every being the person I was, hope of ever just being able to get through the day without an anxiety attack.  But, with time, I did get a  ‘real job’. I moved to the Central Coast and flourished emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Now I’m back in the San Bernardino Mountains and still working in education.