#OneWord2018 – Intentional Day 11

It’s been a few days since I’ve written about my word, intentional.  Look at that, I’m claiming it, I’m owning it, soon I will be one with it… Intentional!

This conversation that has been taking place over the past few months and the #MeToo movement has really been present in mimagesy thoughts.  Seriously how could it not be? It’s all over the place, right?!  And for good reason, the conversation about sexual harassment and sexual assault needs to be discussed as uncomfortable as it is.

As we move forward with this truth that sexual assault takes place, if and when any of us have someone open up and share with us, that they are being or have been assaulted, be INTENTIONAL in being present with that person as they share. If you are in a role of authority, be aware of your responsibilities to assist this person in finding safety first and foremost.  We need to ensure that those that find the bravery to share their experiences are heard, are validated and are not shamed.  It is imperative to be Intentionally Present!!



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