I will not be Dismissed!

I am not DISMISSABLE!! (yes, a new word!!) lol

Dismiss (verb) – treat as unworthy of serious consideration.

This word has been running through my thoughts since I woke up this morning. I didn’t quite know why. Why did I wake up fixated on a word? I usually wake up thinking about math! (Yes, I’m a nerd!!) What does it mean to me? How do I make sense of it? You see, it was just the word, nothing was attached to it. On my drive to work, it dawned on me…. I’ve been dismissed, again! And by someone I don’t even know!

There have been two times in my life that I have been dismissed. Once by the courts during my divorce, I was treated as unworthy of serious consideration for a long period. The second time I was dismissed, treated as unworthy of serious consideration was when I was sexually assaulted by a student, and subsequently harassed, tormented and threatened. The assault was bad enough, but being dismissed was even worse.

Why bring this up, what does this have to do with anything? It has to do with everything that is happening in our country right now. Personally, I’ve been dismissed, unworthy of serious consideration. Our President -Elect, not directly to me, but by actions and words has dismissed me.

I cannot speak about our immigrant and undocumented population, our Muslim population, our Black population, our Disabled population, our LGTBQ population, our medically needy population, and other survivors of sexual assault. However, if they are experiencing the same anxiousness and fears as I am, then they to, are being dismissed. This is in no way, to exclude those that are still recovering from the recession, as they may have felt dismissed in the past as well.

I made a promise to myself a while back, that I WILL NOT BE DISMISSED! I am worthy of serious consideration! I believe that those who are speaking out, either by peaceful protest or social media, are also saying that they will not be dismissed.

Our President Elect has made it very clear, during his campaign and with his appointments to his inner circle, that he is a misogynist, sexist, racist, xenophobic, ethnocentric bully, that is dismissive.

I do not claim to have answers, but I do know, that these past few months have shown that as a nation we have a long way to go, but it will be even further moving forward if we move backwards first.

For this reason, please do not be dismissive of others if they are trying to tell you something important to them. You are showing them that they are unworthy of serious consideration to you. t really doesn’t take but a moment to discuss these issues with someone, even if it is uncomfortable.


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